Ep. 131: Greg Kaminsky

This week’s guest is Greg Kaminsky, accomplished author and godfather of occult podcasting. His highly popular and celebrated show Occult of Personality has been

Ep. 130: Jessa Reed

This week, Jason is joined by the delightful and hilarious comedian Jessa Reed to discuss the illusory nature of reality, alien contact, humanity’s awakening, addiction to hard substances, the journey to recovery, and much more.

Ep. 129: Magick & the Changing World Order

In this episode, taken from a recent livestream, Jason discusses how despite the rapid changes taking place globally on the technological, political and economical planes, those who are prepared with the proper mental tools will be better equipped to adapt than any other people on earth.

Ep. 128: The Soul's Code: Trauma and the True Will

In this episode, Jason discusses the widespread consequences that stem from trauma experienced during childhood and trauma created within so-called spiritual communities. He explores this idea by reading a passage from James Hillman’s 1996 book, The Soul’s Code.

Ep. 127: Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

This episode is taken from a recent livestream in which Jason dives deep on why developing a deep Meditation practice is the most profound and important magickal practice of all, how the process of Raja Yoga strips away illusions.


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