In the new episode of the Ultraculture podcast, Jason Louv talks with Dr. Ted Achacoso—biologist, neuroradiologist, phamacologist, toxicologist, neurologist, AI researcher, Dzogchen and Bön meditator, and all around supergenius—about the far reaches of neurological research into enlightenment states and lots, lots more!

Some great takeaways from this episode:

• How meditative states affect the neurology of the brain;

• Optimizing personal health and mental performance through psychedelics and nootropics;

• Exploring the Eastern spiritual traditions of Dzogchen and Bön from a Descartian rationalist perspective;

And tons more. Here's a bit about Dr. Ted:

Dr. Ted Achacoso earned his college degree in Biology at the age of 18 and his Doctor of Medicine degree at the age of 22. At 25, he was a fellow of interventional neuroradiology, a research professor of pharmacology and toxicology, and a clinical professor of neurology in Manila. At 28, he became a professor of medical informatics and of interventional neuroradiology in Washington, DC, where he also performed artificial intelligence research biased towards connectionist systems. At 30, he began science and technology consulting for socially responsible investment funds. At 35, he founded and ran a group collaboration software company and created the first wireless groupware. At 40 he traded currencies using artificial intelligence predictive techniques for a private fund. At 45, he retrained in Interventional Endocrinology (Anti-Aging Medicine) and in Nutritional Medicine in Paris, and became double board-certified in both specialties. Dr. Ted wrote the first-ever connectome (of C. elegans) in a book, is published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, holds US patents and software algorithms, provides TV and podcast interviews, and delivers lectures. He currently has a tri-continental practice in Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe), a clinical framework that he pioneered to include health management in a disease management practice. He also formulated the Blue Cannatine nootropic troche, a product in the Troscriptions line of Smarter Not Harder, Inc.

This was an excellent conversation, and I hope you greatly enjoy it!