In this episode, we speak to author John Sandbach, who illuminates the Tarot is a portal to realms of wisdom. It not only can provide deep insight through traditional readings but also offers a hands-on way to learn multiple spiritual practices and metaphysical systems, each interrelated through numbers and the ways the systems are worked with to reveal cosmic truths.

Sandbach explores the deep interconnected meanings of each of the 78 cards of the Tarot and explains how to work with the cards for spiritual healing and growth as well as to synergistically learn other methods of spiritual insight, in particular numerology and astrology. Connecting the traditional, symbolic, psychological, alchemical, astrological, and numerological meanings of each card to its deepest meaning, the one closest to its spiritual core, he shows how exploring the interconnected meanings of the cards allows you to understand the Tarot as an integrated whole and enables you to provide insightful and deeply intuitive readings. He explains how every card is connected to the Tree of Life, an ancient Kabbalistic diagram of the universe, and details how to use the Tarot to calculate the numerological value of names, words, and dates, including birthdays, to reveal their metaphysical significance. He explores the connections between alternative rulerships for the cards and how they allow you to understand astrology at a deeper level. He also demonstrates several types of card layouts that can be used to perform readings for yourself or others, and he provides instructions for Tarot Contemplations to access deeper meanings of the cards.

By journeying through the nexus of wisdom connections within each card, you not only are simultaneously learning the ancient wisdom of numerology and astrology, but also opening access to your own inner wisdom.

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