In this episode of the Ultraculture podcast, Jason Louv welcomes esteemed author and scholar Edward Bruce Bynum, Ph.D. Dr. Bynum discusses his groundbreaking book Our African Unconscious, which focuses on the spiritual and psychological origins of humanity in Africa. He explores the concept of the Oldawan, or the Ancient Soul of Africa, and its connection to what modern psychologists define as the collective unconscious.

Dr. Bynum takes an interdisciplinary approach, integrating archaeology, DNA research, history, and depth psychology to trace the roots of religion and science back to Africa. He emphasizes the significance of Africa in the evolution of civilization, arts, sciences, and philosophy, highlighting how the fossil record confirms humanity's origins on this continent.

A key aspect of the conversation is the notion of a primordial African unconscious shared by all modern humans, regardless of ethnic or racial categorizations. This shared identity is both psychic and genetic, deeply rooted in our African ancestry. Dr. Bynum also discusses how this African unconscious is reflected in contemporary times, particularly in the Americas, and in modern psychospirituality.

The episode covers the beginnings of early religions and mysticism in Africa, the influence of Egyptian Nubian culture in the rise of civilization, and the spiritual implications of our shared African heritage. Dr. Bynum's insights offer a profound understanding of our shared heritage and identity, encouraging listeners to recognize the deep connections that bind us all.

In conclusion, Dr. Bynum's discussion urges us to embrace our collective past and understand its influence on our present and future. Enjoy the show!!

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