In this immersive episode, we explore the harmonious dance of art and alchemy with renowned artist Marlene Seven Bremner. Drawing from her seminal work, "The Hermetic Marriage of Art and Alchemy," Bremner unveils the transformative power of alchemical processes as they relate to human creativity.

Moving beyond traditional conceptions of artistry, we dive deep into the Hermetic arts, exploring how they can act as a bridge to liberate the authentic creator within each of us.  Bremner's profound insights shed light on the intersections between Surrealism and alchemy, the profound symbolism woven into alchemical art, and the pathways through which the creative spirit can be elevated and refined. As we navigate this journey, we uncover the layers of how alchemical opus, the Great Work, offers tangible routes to attain true self-knowledge or gnosis.

This enlightening conversation promises to reshape your perceptions of creativity, transformation, and the endless possibilities that emerge when they intertwine.

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