Jim Christy is an author, artist, spoken word performer, and a man who was once described as ‘one of the last unpurged North American anarchistic romantics.’ With a life as colourful as his narratives, Christy's journey from the tough streets of South Philadelphia to his current residence in Ontario has been nothing short of extraordinary.

In this intimate conversation, Christy reveals his diverse experiences with an array of unique personalities, from hobos and jazz musicians to boxers and prolific writers such as Charles Bukowski, Peter Trower, and Joe Ferone. We explore his adventures, his relationships, and his uncanny ability to transform life experiences into riveting tales and captivating performances.

Jim delves into his childhood, recounting memories of growing up in a boxing-obsessed neighborhood, his early rebellious streak that found him riding freights, and his move to Canada to evade the Vietnam War draft. And we explore his fascination with outsiders, the heroes of his narratives, such as the veteran carnival performer Marcel Horne, the jazz musician Charlie Leeds, the leftist Emma Goldman and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Join us as we traverse the unexplored paths of Jim Christy's life, filled with rebellion, creativity, and an undying spirit of adventure. Get inspired by Christy's journey of perseverance, self-discovery, and his relentless pursuit of an authentic life—don't miss out on this enlightening conversation that unravels the extraordinary life of an exceptional storyteller!

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