NEW PODCAST! In this episode, we delve into England's Hidden Reverse—the history of the occult industrial bands Coil, Current 93, Nurse With Wound, Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, and the monumental spells they cast on music and popular occulture.

Our intrepid guide on this journey is Scottish writer David Keenan, a literary and musical polymath known for his innovative contributions to the UK cultural scene. Born in April 1971, Keenan has worn many hats, from running Glasgow's iconic record shop, Volcanic Tongue, to shaping the dialogue around experimental music genres in The Wire magazine. As an author, he has written four critically acclaimed novels, with his debut, "This Is Memorial Device", bagging the Collyer Bristow Award for Debut Fiction.

Keenan's seminal work "England's Hidden Reverse", the focus of this episode, is an in-depth exploration of the English esoteric musical underground, featuring exclusive biographies of the genre-defying bands Coil, Current 93, Nurse With Wound and many more. Based on exclusive interviews and privileged access to the bands' personal archives, "England's Hidden Reverse" unveils the unique cultural, artistic, and sexual milieu of the English underground.

This is a TREMENDOUS episode that focuses not only on the mentioned bands, but on Keenan's own occult experiences and THE VERITABLE NATURE OF MAGICK ITSELF.